How Do I Re-Enter the Medical Coding Workforce?


How Do I Re-Enter the Medical Coding Workforce?
Suzette D asked:

I have a broadcast Journalism degree and I got a Health Information Specialist Certification, medical billing and coding. How do I explain this in a cover letter, without sounding like I’m playing the pity card, a simple resume won’t do, my 6 year gap stands out, I need an effective cover letter and I can’t afford to pay a professional. Help!

4 thoughts on “How Do I Re-Enter the Medical Coding Workforce?”

  1. I think you might have to “play the pity card” because otherwise it might sound like you’re trying to hide something you don’t want them to know about. For example, if you say “for personal reasons” it could be that you just got out of rehab or something (not jail, as they’d probably ask about convictions in an application). You could say that you chose to stay at home for family reasons, but again, it sounds a bit too vague.

    I think I’d probably say that I took time off during your husband’s illness, and mention that you can elaborate if they are interested. It shows there was a good reason, and that you were putting your family first, without mentioning the “C” word.

    Hope that helps, and good luck on the job search.

  2. State the facts, you left the work force to be a caregiver to your husband.
    You are now ready to re-enter the work force again with an ambitious attitude towards providing the employer with your superior skills.
    Good Luck!

  3. I would suggest using a bullet style resume to accentuate your credentials and skills and don’t worry so much about your time gap. The bullet style resume doesn’t focus the Employer to employment dates but rather your skills. To coin a phrase, “Just put your best foot forward” have faith in yourself. Although caring for your husband made you feel melancholy, don’t let that stand in the way of your bright future. I’m sure he would cheer you on.


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