Risk Adjustment (HCC) Resource List

AAPC News Articles on HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment

Validate Coding Data with CDIPs in Medicare Risk Adjustment (2009)

CDIP, MCC, CC, HCC: The Road to Better Revenue (2010)

Complete ICD-9-CM Coding Is Crucial to HCC Reimbursement (2011)

Medicare Risk Adjustment: Financial Incentives May Lead to Bad Practices (2012)

Clinical Document Improvement Plans in Medicare Risk Adjustment (2012)

Factor HCC with a Two-pronged Approach to Risk Adjustment (2012)

Top 10 Medicare Risk Adjustment Coding Errors (2013)


Other HCC News Articles

Advanceweb: The ABCs of HCCs: Decoding CMS’s Hierarchical Condition Categories by Holly Cassano (2011)



CMS 2007 Risk Adjustment Data Basic Training

CMS “Medicare Advantage Rates & Statistics”

Google Search of CMS on HCC coding

OIG letter to CMS re: Risk Adjustment Data Validation


HCC Discussion Board Threads

HCC Coding (2008)

CMS Risk Adjustment Audit (2010)

ICD-10 and HCC Coding for Risk Adjustment (2012)

AHA Coding Clinic on Chronic Conditions, in HCC Context (2012)

HCC Coding Changes (2013)


HCC PDF Presentations

Risk Adjustment, HCC Model, & Stars Rating 101 by ionHealthcare

HCC Coding by Lynn Myers, MD, CPC, CHC

AAPC Hierarchial Condition Categories (HCC) presentation by Dennis T. Tse, MD, CPC

HCCs and Star-Ratings: An IPA’s Successful Approach to Revenue Integrity

The Science of HCC Documentation and Coding


HCC On Demand Presentations Available on AAPC

HCC Coding by Susan Wayat 7/20/2011

HCC Coding and Documentation: A Coders View by Susan Wyatt, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I 1/23/13

HCC Coding and Documentation: A Doctors View by James Tayor, MD, CPC 11/16/13

HCC and Risk Adjustment by Brian Boyce, COC, CPC-I 2/5/2014


HCC Blogs & Other Sites

HCC University

LinkedIn Group





Other Courses

Advanced Medical Coding and Auditing Course

ICD-10 Product Listing Page 

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