Study Guide for CPC Exam AAPC The origin of Bubble and Highlighting

Laureen:  Q-49: Someone asked a question on the forum about the study guide for CPC exam that AAPC has. Would you recommend it?

Study Guide for CPC Exam AAPC The origin of Bubble and Highlighting™ – Video

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A: Yes and no, if you’re not going to get the Blitz, then yes. If you’re going to get the Blitz I pretty much cover everything that’s in that study guide. Just to give you an idea of how the whole Blitz concept was born, I was an occupational therapist running a therapy practice, had to close my doors because Medicare changed the way that they paid for things, and I decided to get into billing and wanted to get my coding credential. So, I took a week-long boot camp and a month later the lady came back to proctor the exam. I procrastinated as I’m known to do, and I had two weeks before she was supposed to come down and said, “You know, I paid all this money. I really should study for this exam.” So, I got out the study guide and I went through it, and what I realized is basically they were giving me the groupings of the CPT codes and saying a little bit about that particular grouping. And what they were saying was really coming from the guidelines, a few pages before that grouping. So, I said to myself, “OK. It’s a multiple choice exam, it’s open book, open manual. What am I going to do to remind myself with these key points about this particular group of codes?” That’s how I came up with my method for writing key notes and doing the bubbling and highlighting. So, basically, if you do the Review Blitz you’re going to basically get what’s covered in the study guide, but –

Alicia:    And a whole lot more.

Laureen:  Yes, yes! In the video visual formats. OK? But if you’re a reader versus a visual person, then sure, and your budget allows, then get it. But if you had to choose between the two, I’m going to tell you to get the Blitz.

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