Stories From Our Past Students

After losing faith in AAPC training, Ryan enrolled at CCO to become CPC® certified in 2 months and advance his career.

Breanne went from Front Office to Medical Coder with the help of CCO. Read her story.

Learn how Joseph samet went from no medical-coding education to passing his certification exams in just a few months.

With a full-time job and a child in college, Mala used CCO to work at her own pace and pass the CPC exam.

Learn how Cinthia Wilson, RHIA, CCS shifted careers into Medical Coding so she could work from home.

Learn how Tiffany used CCO to get COC® certified and take her on-the-job skills to the next level.

Learn how Dee Dee used CCO to become CPC® certified, get a job and go on to write and edit medical coding books.

After finding community college courses ineffective, Dorsey used CCO to pass the CPC® exam and shift roles at her job.

What Students Are Saying about CCO

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by Barbara Manasco on


by Abdul Rahim on

Content in CCO helped me in preparing for CRC exam. The lectures where very knowledgeable and helped me in my overall preparation. It was my first time and I passed in my first attempt.

by Kimoy on

I truly enjoyed my course and the content! I have used CCO to pass both my CRC and CPC! Thank you!

by Alla Kogan on

Thank you CCO team, Laureen, Alicia for your wonderful Review Blitz for the CPC exam and the BHAT® system. I was able to prepare myself and my coding manuals for the exam and found out yesterday that I passed.
I also used recommended Buck's 2019 "Physician Coding Exam Review" manual and Exams on the web-site. Thank you again so much for your great job!!! Alla Kogan

by Gerenne Wiggins on

Yes...thanks to your program I finally passed CPC exam on the 3rd try.

by Sandra on

I had taken a really good course at my community college, and the AAPC practice exams, but still did not feel prepared for the exam. I discovered your website and the blitz information on You Tube one week before my exam! I blitzed through the blitz and it brought it all together which was what I needed. I am 99% sure I would not have passed without the information you provided, and especially the time management and the POE. Thank you so much for being here. I wish everyone knew about you!

by Kerrie on

Thank you! I passed my CRC on the first try. Now for the hard part...getting my first coding job.

by Debora Peffer on

Thanks to CCO I passed the CRC exam on the first try. I now have my CPC & CRC. The course was thorough and I could not have passed without this training. Thanks, again, Debora.

by Tammy Seaborn on

Thank you CCO! Certification #3!

by Anne on

I passed (2nd time around) - Woohoo! Very happy, and relieved! I used everything that was available through the CCO club. I'm so glad I found you. Now ready for the next step on this road to a new career! Thank you CCO!!

by Lisa M Rubalcado Smith on

I just got my results and I passed my CRC exam on the first try!! I am now Lisa, CPC, CRC!!

I purchased the CRC course from CCO and reviewed the CRC Blitz videos twice and made notes, took my practice exams several times and I passed!!
I had taken another CRC course from another entity shortly after becoming newly certified as a CPC and could not get grasp of the concept for some reason. I knew that I had to tackle this beast and conquer it and I can now say that I have all Thanks to CCO and their courses and Review Blitz videos!
Thank you Team CCO!!

by Alicia Espinosa, CPC, CPMA, CRC on

Thank you CCO and Chandra for your wonderful Review Blitz for the CPMA exam and the BHAT® system. I was able to prepare myself and my coding manuals for the exam and found out today that I passed.

by Julia on

by Melinda Paulette Rivera on

I am very happy that I came across CertificationCoaching Org when researching which was the best route to help gain knowledge in medical coding. The education provided was great, and the instructors have a great way of presenting the information. I loved that I had access to the course 24/7, and that I could work at my own pace. This course is highly recommended by me, and I look forward to continue taking courses through CertificationCoachingOrg!

by Elsa Brown on

I passed the CRC Exam with an 84% on the first try. Thanks to Alicia and Chandra for a wonderful CRC Course and Blitz. I am a member of CCO Prime and I am ready to rinse and repeat. This is my very first venture into medical coding so any ideas on which class to take next would be greatly appreciated.

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