The CCO Medical Coding Exam Preparation Blizzard of 2016

Laureen: All right! Who’s going to talk about the CCO Blizzard?

Boyd: I’ll start and then you guys can join in.

Some of us have probably known about Laureen’s CPC Exam Blitz and Alicia’s ICD-10 Blitz that they’ve been now doing to help medical coders pass both the CPC Exam and for the ICD-10 CM proficiency assessment. It’s that time of the year again to update the program – which we do every year in December. This year we’re doing some great things and bundling a whole bunch of medical coding review courses together.

The CCO Medical Coding Exam Preparation Blizzard of 2016

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Laureen, Alicia and Chandra are coming down to Tampa here and we’re going to do some more recording in house here at Studio2203. We are also pleased to announce that we will be live video streaming it again this year. So if you’re aware of all that we did last year, we’re doing it again. We’re doing it as a team.

Along with us this year, is going to be Chandra Stephenson . Chandra, you’re going to be doing risk adjustment and HCC, if I remember correctly?

Chandra: We’re going to do the risk adjustment and HCC coding review. We’re also working on putting together some new modules for the CIC and the COC courses here at CCO.

Boyd: Awesome.

Laureen: I have to share the story about how we came up with the name Blizzard.

We had a person e-mail the help desk, and she couldn’t remember what our coding certification exam review videos were called. She said, “That blizzard thing!” She meant the CCO CPC Exam Blitz. We are planning the update video recording that we do every year as we speak. I said, “I like that name! Let’s use that! Because we’re doing a blizzard of blitzes. We’re doing one after another.”

Alicia, Chandra and I are going down to Boyd’s Studio2203 in Tampa Florida and we’re going to do my typical two day CPC Exam Blitz … We’re renaming it to the CPT Blitz. The first two days is going to be me doing that. The second two days, Alicia’s going to be doing the ICD 10 blitz. Then, the next day, Chandra’s going to do the COC and the CIC blitz. The next day, the risk adjustment in the morning. Then, we’re going to wrap it up, all of us doing the CPT update for the year.

Six days of CCO Blitzes! If you want to get on that interest list to be a part of all or part of it, Boyd and Jesus are working on getting all of our marketing material together. Click on that link and, I think, one of our behind-the-scenes folks will put that link in the chat for you, and just get on the list and that will make sure you get an e-mail, when this happens.

It’s going to be between December 3rd to December 8th 2015.

CPC Exam Blitz - Studio 2203 - 2015
CPC Exam Blitz – Studio 2203 – 2015

You don’t have to attend all days. You can pick the ones you want. You can attend in person or virtually. That’s what we did last year and it worked phenomenally well for those that were on the ICD 10 blitz, I think, they experienced that most recently.

Alicia: Come and join us in Tampa and we’ll have a CCO Blizzard together in Tampa!

Boyd: One of our participants from last year talked about her experience. She said, this is Maritza Molina, who attended the CPC Blitz with Laureen, said,

“I would recommend this course, because it really gives you an in-depth knowledge of what to expect for the test.” Meaning the CPC exam. “It goes through each section, highlighting particular topic or subject that will be on the exam. She goes very detailed into what to expect, what not to expect, which questions will be and which will not be. I think, most of all, the fact that she also mentions the real world coding experiences, gives me that knowledge of knowing where to go back in my book and knowing how to code it.”

So, thanks Maritza for allowing us to use that.

Get help passing your medical coding exams and join the fun at the CCO Medical Coding Exam Preparation Blizzard Event.

Attend by virtual live video stream or in person.

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