Understanding CCO CPMA Auditing Course – Video

Alicia: Now, we also have the auditing course, let me tell you about that and then Laureen can tell you about Tammy the instructor. It already started, our auditing course, and that is to prepare you for the CPMA credential. This course has already started, but it’s not too late to sign up for it. It is going live right now and Tammy who does our CPC-H course, she is doing the auditing course, doing a fantastic job, lots of wonderful feedback from her, very knowledgeable. She has Laureen’s skill in making it applicable to… not everyday is the right term to use, but bring it down to the level that you would understand, making it applicable for you. So, if you think that auditing is something that you’re interested in, definitely contact us. We’ve got a place in the forum that you can ask questions about it but it’s not too late to sign up for that.

Understanding CCO CPMA Auditing Course – Video

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Laureen: Because the classes as they’re recorded, Boyd uploads them within a couple of days. We say give it a week but he’s pretty fast, so you can sign up now and start going. You don’t have to attend it live so we encourage you to join us.

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