Using Google for Researching Medical Coding – Video

Laureen:     This is where we talk about this G0008 versus regular codes. You can come here and look this up. So, the trick to doing that is you just to pull up Google, you type in your keyword or phrase that you want to search a site for, like you know we talked about it on CCO, was it a blog, was it a forum post. Just come here, type in “site:” no space and Google will search our site for you and find any place where we have discussed that particular topic.

Using Google for Researching Medical Coding – Video

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Alicia:    Don’t forget the colon, you got to say “site:”

Laureen:   Yup! And by the way, you can do this and you can use any sites, you could do

So, we’re showing you all our tricks on how we research questions to present to you.

Alicia:    That’s right.

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