Welcome to Medical Coding Training Practicode – Video

UPDATE: CCO no longer offers Practicode. Please visit the AAPC for access http://cco.pe/practicode

Hello everyone and welcome to the CCO Practicum page here with Practicode, and we’re talking today about why people want to get involved with purchasing the Practicode course and what’s the benefits to them. Along with me today is Alicia Scott, our Education Director. I’m Boyd, the webmaster here at cco.us. Alicia tell us little bit about what is Practicode and why people want to get involved with it, especially medical coders.

Alicia Scott: Yes. Absolutely. There are several things about Medical Coding Training Practicode that’s fabulous, and we partnered with them is because 1) you get real world experience. You get real cases not ones that were written for testing purposes. They come out in multiple EMR formats so you get to see not just one but a variety as well as several specialties. We have specialties from cardiology, dermatology, all the way down to psychiatry. These are ones that you’re not going to easily find out there in the market when you are starting out, and you want to be able to show somebody that you’ve done multiple cases sometimes up to 200 in a specific specialty, and then you can show them actually a grade if you look up here on the top, and show them how well you can do those specialties.

Boyd Staszewski: This is what it looks like when you actually log in to Practicode. You can see all the different modules and all the different specialties that it covers, and one of the big things that employers are looking for is the specialty in a certain area right? This is a great way to know, get a feel for a particular area if you want a client to work in that particular area because there is lot of different specialties which you can work in and some people are obviously more inclined to work in one area or another. Show us one particular case and what it would look like if someone is going through it.

Welcome to Medical Coding Training Practicode – Video

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Alicia Scott: Okay. I opened up cardiology and that’s pretty intimidating. I know our students that go through that chapter, they really struggle with cardiology. Well by being able to use these real life cases, the terminology and the format of the EMRs, it really benefits them to become more comfortable in this area. This is what a real case looks like now. This is a regular progress note but you might get a consultation or a procedure report, and keep in mind it’s all the specialties. You can look at this, code it just like you would probably see in a real online coding scenario at work.

Real quick I wanted to add that some people do go through a course, say “I really like the dermatology section,” but then once they get going, they get into another, they say “Oh my, I fell in love with cardiology.” Now you can expand on that area that you really enjoy. It’s so hard to find some of these specialties that you can get practice, real world practice in.

Boyd Staszewski: Awesome. Again if you’re interested in getting involved with coding really Practicode is a great way to get started, to get you experienced in, and to get you noticed by employers and you can get involved by purchasing Practicode here on this page, and we look forward to meeting you in our course member’s areas, and Alicia any parting words here before we can finish off.

Alicia Scott: Yes. I didn’t want to forget to tell you that not only you get all of these cases, you also get an online coach to help you out, so when you are doing these cases and you struggle, or you have trouble with anything, you just tap into your coach and then also Thursday nights we have a live coaching session where we talk and do coding cases together out of Practicode, so you’re not alone. You don’t have to do this by yourself, and it’s a lot of fun.

Boyd Staszewski: Awesome. Well. Thank you Alicia for being with us, and again anyone who is interested in picking up the CCO version of Practicode it’s available on this page, and we look forward to seeing you in our member’s area and on our Q&A Webinars and becoming a part of the CCO community. Take care. Bye.

Alicia Scott: Bye Guys.

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