Q: (What Is On The CPC Exam?) – “I’m taking CPC in May; I have only been a radiology (RCC) coder for 25 years” – only? – “Is this test exclusively multiple choice?”

A: Yes. The CPC Exam is multiple choice.

Q: “I have been taking practice tests & a couple have been op reports.”

A: They normally will give you an op report, probably normally a shortened one where
they call a scenario and they’ll give you multiple choice A, B, C, D for you to show them that you know what the correct coding is for that. Oftentimes, on the CPC exam, they can have, like, answer “A” have four codes in it, answer “B” have four codes in it; so it’s not like one code per answer. That’s what makes it challenging.

What Is On The CPC Exam? | Advice For RCC Coders – Video

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