What Makes an Online Study Buddy More Effective for Studying?

What Makes an Online Study Buddy More Effective for StudyingFriends? They make our lives better. They are a brilliant source of advice on all sorts of matters, and that’s just true when it comes to online learning! They are vital in our development both emotionally and morally. And in today’s post, we’re going to show you the importance and benefits of having an online study buddy and provide you plenty of tips on how you can be a great study buddy too.

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Ways an Online Study Buddy Makes Studying More Effective:

√ Provides a different perspective

√ Spices up a study session by making them fun

√ Improve motivation and willingness to study

√ Sets expectations to keep you on track

Source: http://www.mooclab.club/resources/7-reasons-to-have-a-study-buddy.39/

Different Study Buddy Types and How to Find Your Match:

Below is a checklist of the different personality types. Find your personality type then see which personalities will make the best online study buddy for you!

Type 1

  • In charge
  • Decisive
  • Not sensitive to what others think or expect of them

Good Match: 3      Avoid: 1, 2

Type 2

  • Outgoing
  • People person
  • Very sensitive to what others think or expect of them

Good Match: 3, 4      Avoid: 1, 2

Type 3

  • Dependable
  • Likes routines
  • Determined
  • Persistent
  • Feels guilty if they don’t follow through

Good Match: 1,2,3,4      Avoid: none

Type 4

  • Rule-follower
  • Driven
  • Organized

Good Match: 1,2,3,4      Avoid: none

Source: CareerStep.com

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How to be a Great Online Study Buddy?

Set goals together and hold each other accountable.

Goals are key to being successful in school or any other forms of learning. Use your study buddy to provide accountability! Then share your goals and check in on each other to see if you’re on track. Source: http://academicsuccess.interactivityfoundationwiki.wikispaces.net/Developing+a+Study+Buddy

Learn to teach.

Divide your studying instead of both studying all of the material. This way, you’ll take better notes. You’ll understand the material better. Then learn your section well enough that you can teach it to your study buddy.

Source: http://academicsuccess.interactivityfoundationwiki.wikispaces.net/Developing+a+Study+Buddy

Discuss course material.

Talk about what you’re learning with your online study buddy. Your buddy has a different perspective so sharing helps you see things from a different angle. When you read, write, and discuss the materia, you’ll remember it better. Source: http://www.elearners.com/online-education-resources/online-learning/step-17-find-a-study-buddy/

Start a little friendly competition.

Challenge each other to do better on tests, practice exams, assignments. A little competition can push you, i.e. “whoever gets the lowest score buys milkshakes” and keep it friendly! Source: http://www.elearners.com/online-education-resources/online-learning/step-17-find-a-study-buddy/

Share successful strategies.

Feel like you’re in a rut? Ask your study buddy what works for them. Other people have different strategies and mixing it up could improve your studying habits. Source: http://www.elearners.com/online-education-resources/online-learning/step-17-find-a-study-buddy/

Offer support.

Be your study buddy’s support when things get tough — offer encouragement, a friendly pep talk, or a shoulder to cry on. Look to them for encouragement when you get discouraged— they know what you’re going through.

Source: http://academicsuccess.interactivityfoundationwiki.wikispaces.net/Developing+a+Study+Buddy

Look online.

Gone are the days where your study buddy had to be in the same location as you. An ONLINE study buddy is a great option! You can now easily connect with them through forums, chat rooms, social media, Skype, and even Google hangouts!

Lastly, a study buddy can even save you money! Many schools or institutions offer discounts when multiple people enroll at the same time or when you refer someone else. If you and your friend enroll together you could have an INSTANT study buddy and a tuition credit or a referral bonus! Sounds great, right?

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