20 Amusing and Bizzarre New ICD-10 Codes!

With the plethora of new codes available in ICD-10, some of the language can be downright overwhelming, and even in the best-case scenario, confusing to decipher. But you’ll realize that there’s some new ICD-10 codes out there that you may find interesting (and admittedly, slightly humorous) yet unsual. If you haven’t discovered them yet, then here’s a list of the more unusual ICD-10 codes coming to medical practices, based on where they occur: land, sea or air as well as an infographic of the 10 holiday-appropriate ICD-10 classifications you might need to remember!

Bizzarre New ICD-10 Codes

W55.21 – Bitten By A Cow


W61.33 – Pecked By A Chicken

Pecked By A Chicken - 20 Amusing and Bizarre New ICD-10 Codes

V00.01 – Pedestrian On Foot Injured In Collision With a Roller-Coaster

Pedestrian on Foot - 20 Amusing and Bizarre New ICD-10 Codes

Z63.1 – Problems in Relationships with In-Laws

Problems in Relationship - 20 Amusing and Bizarre New ICD-10 Codes

Y92.241 – Hurt At The Library

Hurt At The Library - 20 Amusing and Bizarre New ICD-10 Codes

W56.11 – Bitten By Sea Lion

ICD-10 codes - bitten by a sea lion

V91.07 – Burn Due To Water-Skis on Fire

Burn Due To Water-Skis on Fire ICD-10 Code

W61.12  – Struck By Macaw

Struck by a macaw new icd 10 code

V97.33 – Sucked Into Jet Engine

Sucked Into Jet Engine ICD-10 Code

X52 – Prolonged Stay in Weightless Environment

Prolonged Stay in Weightless Environment New ICD-10 Code

More bizarre ICD-10 codes here >> Source: http://medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com/medical-economics/news/20-bizarre-new-icd-10-codes?page=0,


In addition to these, an article written by Dan Muse, editor in chief of CIO.com, found a little holiday humor in the ICD-10 classifications that were taken from PatientKeeper — a Waltham, Mass. based provider of healthcare applications for physicians. In its infographic below, the company identifies 10 actual diagnosis codes that are surprisingly appropriate for potential Thanksgiving Day mishaps.

  • Pecked by a turkey? There’s an ICD-10 code for that.
  • Injured in a touch football game? There’s a code for that, too.
  • Crushed, pushed or stepped on by aggressive Black Friday shoppers? You guessed it. An appropriate ICD-10 code exists.

Check out all 10 holiday-appropriate ICD-10 classifications below. And, speaking for physicians and emergency room workers everywhere, be careful out there.


15 New Amusing and Bizarre ICD-10 Codes

Source: http://www.cio.com/article/3008725/healthcare/10-amusing-icd-10-codes-doctors-just-might-need-this-thanksgiving.html

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