AAPC Conference 2013 — Upcoming Changes In Medical Coding

AAPC Conference 2013 — Coding Certification Video Review

Upcoming Changes In Medical Coding in 2013 and beyond. The CodingCertification.org team had a great time connecting with attendees and vendors.

Alicia and Laureen share their highlights and their take as what’s hot and changing in the medical coding field.

Join Laureen Jandroep and Alicia Scott from the CodingCertification booth.

AAPC Conference 2013 Video Review

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Topics include:

* Favorite classes
* The importance of compliance and auditing in the upcoming health care reform
* Why you are not “just a coder”
* HCC coding is going to be big
* HCC Risk Adjustment
* What the health system seems to be moving towards: chronic health conditions
* Best career choices for the future: want a regular paid vacation as a coder? Listen to this tip…
* Possible medical billing and coding and payment scenarios for the future
* PPM credential
* CPC-H and elective surgery centers
* Prevention focus in Doctor’s offices

and more…

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2 thoughts on “AAPC Conference 2013 — Upcoming Changes In Medical Coding”

  1. Laureen, it was such a pleasure to meet you and Alicia at the conference in Orlando. But dearest to my heart is be honored to meet and talk with your beautiful, wonderful babies… Thank you for sharing those precious moments with them. I will cherish my special Mickey hat photo shoot forever :) Felicia

    • Aww thanks for that. It was truly a great trip business and family vacation wise. And anyone that loves my kids is tops in my book


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