Books for the Physician Based Coding Course – Video

Laureen: Q-6: Is there a detailed list of all the books a student needs to purchase for the Physician Based Coding course?

A: Your textbooks are included – you just need to bring your coding manuals to the party. And the AAPC has the best prices on manuals – which actually goes along with question #8

Q-8: How soon can I order ICD-9-CM, CPT and HCPCS books for 2014?

Books for the Physician Based Coding Course – Video

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A:  I’m like, order them now. The AAPC is the cheapest and it’s good quality. I got mine all prepped and ready for my Blitz that I’m doing this weekend. HCPCS hasn’t mailed out yet, that’s the last one to come; but ICD if you have 2013 you really don’t need to get a 2014 there’re no changes because of the anticipation of ICD-10 coming.

Alicia:  I might add too there, Laureen. A lot of people have asked, “How come you don’t provide the manuals, if you provide the textbook?” The fact is, a lot of people that are our students actually have manuals because their employer provides them or for whatever reason; but if we were to provide them, if Laureen has to go out and work out a deal with somebody she still is not going to be able to offer price that the AAPC can offer.

Laureen:     No.

Alicia:  They have the best price out there. They blow everybody out of the water, and not just by a little bit but by a lot. If she had to provide them for the course, she has got to mark them up; it’s just business, to be able to pay for the shipping and everything. So, that gives you the freedom to get the ones you like. There are several different companies out there. You can get them through Ingenix or Optum and Elsevier, but the AAPC, best price.

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