Online Physician Based Medical Coding Course — Video

And just a real quick overview of what we offer, and you’ll hear us kind of mention it throughout. And Ruth and Boyd, and Alicia and I will be kind of answering some of your questions in the chats, but it normally comes down to one of these products so probably answer a need that you have or a pain point that you’re going to in preparing for getting these certifications or maintaining them because you need to get continuing education units once you get the credentials.

We have a full Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course that’s very popular. We’re getting a lot of good feedback on it. We use a textbook that is made for coders by coders and it relates to the new ICD-10 coding system that’s coming out next year. It’s a very good text. By the way, all of our products are listed at Medical Coding Training Certification products so you can see a full listing of everything all in one page.

Physician Based Medical Coding Course — Video

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We’ve got our Physician Based Medical Coding Course, that’s an 80-hour type course. If I was teaching it face-to-face, it would take 20 weeks. We have that in an online format where you can go at your own pace. You get a coach, like Alicia, that helps you through the course and the lectures are of me teaching the particular topic. We try to make it like a classroom-type course in that you have a reading assignment and you have textbook exercises that you can do at the kitchen table or whatever. So it’s not completely online, we don’t have to be tethered to a computer.

Bundled into that course or you can purchase it separately are our Review Blitz Video packages. We’ve got online only and we’ve got the DVD version, same exact videos, just different formats. We made the online-only available for those that were more on a budget.

We have got the 150 Question Downloadable Practice Exam. We actually haven’t put a link up here yet, but we have a deluxe one which is basically two 150-question practice exam, plus a bunch of other goodies. So you can check those out. If you’ve purchased our first one and you need even more practice, we now have an additional set of practice exams.

You can combine the Medical Terminology with the Physician-Based Coding Course for a discount. It includes everything above this line.

We’ve got our new Facility-Based Medical Coding Course that’s for those aiming for the CPC-H and it will also help for a portion of the CCS.

We’ve got our CEUs in the CCO Club and we’ve got an ICD-10-CM Course. So, lots of good stuff and lots of CEUs.

So, if you’re really looking for CEUs and you want to get a lot of them through CCO, you can get them inside the CCO Club.

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