Boyd: We want to acknowledge first of all Karen. I don’t know if she would get any chance to check if she’s on the webinar here with us tonight, but thank you Karen. We basically asked all of our CCO VIP members what happened with the Blitz videos, did it actually helped you? We had a lot of questions, but the ones that I wanted to highlight here was:

Q: “What was your biggest concern before buying the course?” Karen said: “Was this course going to provide the method of learning that I needed hands-on?”

A: Yes, that concern went away after the first video.

Q: “What superpower did this course help you achieve in your medical coding career?”

A: Confidence. That’s a very, very important one that we’d like to get through to our students.

Q: “Would you recommend the CPC Exam Preparation Videos to someone else? Why?

A: She said, “In a heartbeat! I was holding myself back looking at coding with a ‘clinician’ brain as a nurse rather than a ‘coding brain.’”

Alicia: I could tell you really quick that several years back now I worked with a lot of nurses who were

Q: “Anything else that you’ve achieved with the help of our product?”

A: “I landed the best job I have ever had.”

VIDEO Case Study: Did the CCO Blitz Videos Help You?

Kudos and thank you Karen for sharing all those things. Any comments from the other gals here about nurses coming in to medical coding?

Alicia: I could tell you really quick that several years back now I worked with a lot of nurses who were forced to do coding and they hated it. They couldn’t understand why I loved it because they hated it and ultimately it was because they weren’t trained to code. It was very frustrating, and they were being literally forced to look up codes, so they resented it, but this coding is a fabulous transition for a clinician.

You’ve got all the background and if you’re tired of being on your feet, if you’re tired of getting your hands dirty, or working the long hours, and trying to find a parking space, or things like that that are involved, little things that get on your nerves as a clinician. Great job but know that you can transition into coding that your certification just makes you more marketable, and that it also is a pay equivalent.

I could make as much as a coder as the RNs were making that I worked with, which is at the time I didn’t have a degree, so it’s not all that all the time; however, it is a very good transition, what do I say it’s a very lateral…

Laureen: Yeah. They don’t feel like they’re throwing away. You’re not going from a totally unrelated field. All that knowledge being a nurse is going to be beneficial. But let’s move on, we got a lot more to go through. Thank you Karen. That was great interview there, Boyd.

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Case Study: Did the CCO Blitz Videos Help You?