CCO at Annual Amba Conference 2015 – Video

Amba Conference 2015

Boyd: Tell us about, who’s this? We’ve got exciting news about who’s speaking this year at the AMBA conference, correct?

Alicia:   Yes. You know that Laureen and Boyd and I were in Las Vegas this past year at the AAPC conference and now we get to go back to the AMBA as well. This is a billing conference. We have a fantastic billing course and JoAnne is coaching that now and she has a lot of experience in billing, I’ll let her talk about that later. But, we’ve been asked to speak there at the billing conference. Laureen’s going to do her fantastic modifier lecture and I’m going to talk about risk adjustment and HCC. Two things that we both love! So, it’s very exciting. If you are interested in going to Las Vegas with us, let us know, send us an email or let the Helpdesk know because we like to give you a shout out when we get there.

CCO at Annual Amba Conference 2015 – Video

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But, in addition, this is going to give you 12 CEUs which is fantastic. And I don’t know if you guys have heard this mentioned, I was a little shocked to find out, but billers are actually making more money than coders right now, on the national average from the AAPC’s survey that they did, I was surprised. So, there is a huge need for people that can code and can bill, so if you’re thinking about getting into billing, this may be a conference that you want to check out. It’s going to be fun.

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amba conference 2015

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