CCO Copyright and Proprietary Materials

(CCO Copyright and Proprietary Materials) – We have a page put up called if you know of anyone who might have tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Oh, I see that you wanted to get the Blitz, how about you split it with me and we can share a login,” that’s a violation of our end-user license agreement. We’ve had reports of people doing that. We’ve had reports of boot-like copies of our entire Blitz put up on YouTube, people teaching our techniques and claiming them as their own.

Basically, we’re asking the membership, if they hear reports or if they know of anything, just let us know and we’ll investigate it. This is just a little form where you could let us know of the issue and describe it, that way we can look into it because basically this is our bread and butter. This is how we’re able to do all this free stuff too, is by making sure people adhere to the rules and that’s how we price things to be for single user, not for sharing. We do have group discounts and different things. At any rate, if you could help us out, it’s http://, and if you don’t want to put your name you don’t have to, then we really need to know links and screenshots and things like that. We’d appreciate your help with that.

CCO Copyright and Proprietary Materials Video

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CCO Copyright and Proprietary Materials


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