CCO Q and A Free Coding Webinar September 2015 Introduction – Video

Why Stay to the End?

Please stay to the end because we have a giveaway that we want to give to one person here tonight, a choice of either a Blitz Video Package. You’ve probably heard about our CPC Blitz videos, we have that as a giveaway here tonight. We also have one of our 2 CEU Webinars that we have to offer here at CCO, and also 1 hour session with Laureen or Alicia to help you out with your coding or PBC or auditing, or pretty much anything that these guys have an expertise in. Of course, as I mentioned before, your AAPC CEU link for 1.5 CEU is available at that time at the end.

CCO Q and A Free Coding Webinar September 2015 Introduction – Video

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We always like to know, first of all, how many people have attended our webinars. We’re shooting for building a tribe here as we say. You can see that we have a nice new graphic this month because this is my interpretation of what all these little bodies are. I always like to think of 700 people in a hotel room right now in front of me. This is kind of what we get to create here.

How many webinars have you attended? This is your first, this is your second, your third, or are you what we call a community member at 4+?

Alicia:   You can definitely tell the community members know how to do this. They’re putting them in fast.

Boyd:  Right. Gosh, we’re almost done already. I’m going to close the poll in 3, 2, 1. Close that poll and share that poll. Wow, doing great.

Laureen:  Very good. 62 percent, 4+; wow!

Alicia:  Just a little shout-out to a couple of ladies that I talked with today on the phone that said they would be here tonight. I told them I’d shout-out. Hello!

Laureen:  Very good. It used to be more 50-50, newbies to experienced folks, so the experienced ones are gaining.

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  1. Every webinar I have attended to this point, which I believe is 6 now, has left me with questions answered that I didn’t even realize I had. Many times, I will have questions, forget about the, and someone else on the call will have the same question. Not to mention the bonus reward for staying to the end of the webinar is always a plus for the lucky person who is still online for this!


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