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Laureen: We are starting a new program. Just as I was telling you, we do get people contacting us quite often in difficult situations and they want to take the course, they want to get a good career, we try and help where we can. So, we came up with this idea. On the other hand, we also have lots of people saying “I want a CCO pen,”“I want a CCO shirt” and I’m like, “I don’t have any CCO shirts,” like, “You don’t? Why not?”

So, Boyd and Jesus, our other webmaster, basically said, “They have these sites where we can put our logo and stuff and people can purchase it. The site gets most of the money but they give you a percentage.”And I said “Oh, we could take that percentage and put it into a fund for those that are having a hardship, or like a scholarship fund.” So that’s what we’ve just started.

CCO Swag Pay It ForwardNew CCO Program – Video

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We’re calling it a “CCO Swag -Pay it Forward” program. We have a specialty store and we’re going to have maybe a second one, but right now we’ve got it started it’s So, we had it in our newsletter, we’re going to get a link up on our main site so you can see our products with our brand on it. If you purchase anything here, I think we get 15%, 12%, it depends on which site, that’s going to go in a fund. And then, once a month, once every couple of months depending on how quickly funds accumulate, we’re going to have a committee and we’re going to talk, we’re going to have the application and maybe we get ten people, we’re going to look at who seems to be able to benefit probably the most and they’ll get sponsored into a course, maybe pay for some coding manuals, that sort of thing. So, that’s our “Pay It Forward” program, and thank you for reminding me about that, Alicia.

Alicia:  Yeah, it’s so cool. I’m working my eye on several things.

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