CCO Testimonial Dawn Moreno – Medical Coding Testimonial – Video

Dawn: I was asked a question but I wanted to take just 10 seconds, because not only an instructor but I was also a student at, and I want to tell people out there who are getting ready to take the CPC exam that are really nervous or people that may have taken it and failed it, not to feel bad. I was a person that did fail the exam a couple of times and if it wasn’t for Laureen and the Blitz videos I never would have passed that exam. It was very difficult and I needed the test taking tips. Iknow how to code but to pass that exam can sometimes be tricky.

CCO Testimonial Dawn Moreno – Medical Coding Testimonial – Video

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I just wanted to let people out there know that the Blitz videos…I tried every single thing you can buy out there to help me get through that exam, but it was the Blitz videos that got my score up high enough to be able to pass it.

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