Boyd: (CCO VIP Medical Coding Program) – This is available to anyone on the webinar right now. If you go to and I’ll put that in the chat right now, just give you a real high level view. Basically, you’ll participate in the community, it’s invite-only, that’s available only during a certain amount of time. We’re going to close this up pretty quick. You do stuff and you get rewards. Basically, that comes from participating in contest, quizzes, giving us testimonials, maybe referring a couple of people, and you get rewards for that as a result.

CCO VIP Medical Coding Program – Earn Rewards for FREE! Video

The issue here is that it’s going to be a very limited time that we’re looking to keep this open. We’ll be probably closing it out as we aim for our next phase in the first part of 2016 here. These are some of the examples of some of the challenges that we have available and also some of the rewards, gift cards from Amazon to actually a lot of retailers that we have available. That’s pretty much what the CCO VIP program is all about.

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CCO VIP Medical Coding Program – Earn Rewards for FREE!