Coding Certification Product Overview – Video

Laureen: This is just our quick product line up. I’m not going to go through it like I normally do because we want to be getting in to the content around 8:30, but we had two great interviews and a great announcement, so we’re a few minutes behind. But this our product line up. If you go to CodingCertification.Org/products, that will show you everything that you could possibly do with us; and every course, every mock exam, our CEU classes, our ICD-10 Mini Course, which is a proficiency prep. Then, we got a lot more coming.

Coding Certification Product Overview – Video

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The biggest thing when you go to the site is join our newsletter. If you go to CodingCertification.Org/blog, I think you’ll see where you can join the newsletter. Then that way, Lisa will keep you up-to-date on all of the fun stuff happening here.

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