Q: (CPC and HCC Coder Course) – “I am curious about the HCC Coder course. Should I get my CPC first and get “real world” experience before taking the HCC course?”

A: Actually, you can start the HCC course; we do suggest that you have your CPC certification or you really gone through a full coding course and you really understand coding versus making HCC your first coding course. That one would be wise, but if you are a coder already especially if you’re a CPC, absolutely, you can start your training now.

You don’t need to go get real world experience first. There are platforms like Practicode that you could use to help you get that coding but it’s not really geared for HCC yet.

We’re working on creating some modules in it to help with that but we don’t have that
ready, but you can absolutely take the course with your coding background.

CPC and HCC Coder Course – Which One First? – Video

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CPC and HCC Coder Course - Which One First?