CPC Exam: Medical Terminology Basics (Part 1) — Video

Now, the next section, Medical Terminology. I am going to just go over really quickly because some feedback I got in the past blitz which I am going to take to heart was, “The review was nice, but since we only have so much time, I would have rather that time be spent on more difficult concepts like E and M, etc.” So I am just going to breeze through these. You have the little sample questions in your handouts where you can see the answers. We talked about go to free online sources for flash cards and just get them under your belt, if you don’t know.

CPC Exam – Medical Terminology Basics – Part 1 – Video

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You are specially going to need to know it for when we move into ICD-10. ICD-10 is very heavy in needing anatomy knowledge. We have got a medical terminology and anatomy course that we teach through, and I have brochures and business cards over there through and it is made for coders.

The book we used is made for coders. It is the only that just came out; it is called Medical Terminology and Anatomy for ICD-10 Coding. It is really neat because it gives you a little preview of what is to come on ICD-10, but it helps you understand anatomy and why you need to know all of these nitty-gritty details for being a coder. Because it is like, “We don’t want to be nurses and doctors, we just want to code.” But it has get into the point where we really actually need to know anatomy almost as well in order to code it correctly, okay?

I am just going to breeze through these slides. There is 8 questions on medical terminology, really know you word parts. Obviously, you can’t memorize every single word in the dictionary, but if you learned that the suffix “itis” means inflammation, and you’ve got a medical terminology question that says: What is the inflammation of the blah, blah, blah. Now, you might know the root word for blah, blah, blah, but you know the suffix for inflammation is “itis,” and there are only two answers that have “itis” on the end. You know the other two are wrong and you recognize one of the two that are left and you know it is not that root word, done, process of elimination.

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CPC Exam: Medical Terminology Basics (Part 1) — Video

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