CPC Exam: Medical Terminology Basics (Part 2) — Video

If you cover up the answers on these, see how you do. If you are only getting about 60% right or something like that, you know you got some work to do with the medical terminology. Even though there is only 9 questions on Medical Terminology, me, if I was to write the exam, I would leave out Medical Terminology and Anatomy questions because I feel they are built into having to code and come up with the right answer. If you know your Medical Terminology and Anatomy, you are going to be faster, more efficient, and more accurate. But, it is what it is; you do have straight up Medical Terminology and Anatomy questions.

CPC Exam: Medical Terminology Basics (Part 2) — Video

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For Anatomy, remember, you got figures in the front of CPT and all throughout the CPT book. They actually used to all being in the front, and now they moved them. For example, the Integumentary, they have a picture of a skin that is used to be in the front of the manual. Now, it is at the front of the Integumentary Surgery section. You have to be a little bit more aware of where these images are, and we are going to review them briefly as I go into each CPT section.

Don’t forget, you got illustrations probably in your ICD manual. CPT is pretty standard, even the standard version of the professional. I highly recommend you have the professional version of CPT. If you don’t, you are missing a lot bells and whistles that could help you tremendously on the exam.

For ICD-9, the publisher, it doesn’t really matter too much. There are some particular versions that are not allowed on AAPC exams so make sure you go to their website.

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cpc exam - anatomy - Medical Terminology Basics

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