CRC Credential | Risk Adjustment Course with CCO – Video

The CRC just came out what – are we on our second month now that it’s been out, I think? The CRC Credential stands for Certified Risk Adjustment Coder. And so, we’re trying to change our verbiage that whenever we see HCC, that you understand that it’s “risk adjustment HCC coding” because you’ll be able to Google HCC, but you won’t really get a lot of information. The accurate term is “risk adjustment coding”; so keep that in mind. You’ll find more information under “risk adjustment” than HCC. HCC is kind of a coder’s short cut, I guess, the way to say that.

CRC Credential | Risk Adjustment Course with CCO – Video

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Our course is 16 jam-packed modules and I am the coach for that, and we have contribution by Holly Cassano. You may have seen a lot of her writing out there on the internet and in several publications on magazines for risk adjustment. Then, if you are interested in this course, I would advise you to use this link that we have here, Anyway, we’ll give it to you.

Boyd:     I’ll post it in the chat for everyone.

Alicia:    There you go. Somebody else I know has already requested that.

But look at it; see if it’s something you’re interested in. It will probably make your mouth water if you’re into diagnosis coding. It’s a lot of fun. And I just want to throw in a plug, we have a project manager now for this course and going to do some revamping and anybody that signs up still gets everything new that we add, that we’re constantly adding and making this real meaty, which is an HCC risk adjustment term course. It’s very exciting!

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CRC Credential | Risk Adjustment Course with CCO - Video


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