Failed ICD 9 Wait for ICD 10? — Video

Laureen: Q-39: Question, if I have not been successful in passing the CPC TEST WITH ICD-9, or should one wait till ICD-10?

Alicia:    No! Do not wait till ICD-10.

Failed ICD 9 Wait for ICD 10? – Video

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Laureen:   Yeah. You don’t need to wait. I mean, the ICD-9 questions there’s 10 out of 150, and then they do show up some of the answers from surgery-type questions; but the way that you answer the board exam questions, the way you know how to do process elimination with ICD-9, it’s going to be very similar with ICD-10. So, there’s really no reason to wait. If you follow the formula, 80-hour course, CPC exam review videos, timed practice exams until you get an 85%, you’ll be ready. That’s what you need to focus on. If you have not been passing, go back to that formula and make sure you’re doing each of the steps.

Alicia:    And, honestly, employers for quite a while will want people that can do ICD-9 & ICD-10.

Laureen:   Yes. And there’s several payers are not going to ICD-10 right away, so it’s not a bad thing to learn ICD-9.

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