ICD 10 CM Practice Exams & CPC Practice Exams – Video

Laureen: Q-40: How many practice exams do you guys have for ICD-10?

A: We have two and Ruth made a clarification, our practice exam is 25 questions but the paid practice ICD-10 is 50. So, all together we have a total of 75, and we will be adding more to that.

Q-41: Can you take an online ICD-10 course if you are certified in ICD-9 but have no experience?

A: Sure! That’s what the course is for – to teach you.

Alicia: Yup!

ICD 10 CM Practice Exams & CPC Practice Exams – Video

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Laureen: Q-42: I’m currently studying the Blitz course, how can I get more CPC practice exams?

A: Basically, we’ve got three 50-question practice exams. The AAPC has three 50- question practice exams. We also have one free one, so we have a total of four. In addition, we’ve got some third parties that have 150-question practice exams. So, if you go to our site and click on the CPC exam prep, you’ll see that we have this mini mocks, that’s what we call them, the 50-question ones. Our pricing structure is exactly the same as AAPC. If you buy them individually, it’s $29.95; if you buy them as a three pack, its $69.95. OK? If you want to find the free one, you need to go to Free Stuff – Free Guides and Tools, and you’ll see a whole bunch of goodies here. Here it is: Free 50 Question CPC Practice Exam.

Alicia: We like to get free stuff, don’t we?

Laureen: Yeah!

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