Get More Medical Coding CEUs CCO Replay Club – Video

We use Google apps for everything so this is all Google slide presentation. It allows us to collaborative and work together. What we do is we create what we call answer sheets, so you’ll see a lot of times where it says “answer” and we click on it and it opens a full page, that’s where we really provide a lot of notes and trying to show you how we came up with the answer instead of just giving it to you and it’s a resource you can go back to if you’re in our Replay Club.

Get More Medical Coding CEUs CCO Replay Club – Video

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This particular webinar we offer for free, but if you want the answer sheets, then that’s part of the Replay Club, which is only $19.95 a month. You get access to all the previous ones that we’ve done. I think we go back two years now and the most recent ones about the most recent 9 to 12 have CEUS available as well. So, for 20 bucks, you could get in and take a bunch of CEU quizzes after listening to the presentation and cancel your membership and get a lot of Medical Coding CEU’s. Not that we’re wanting you to cancel, I’m just letting you know it’s a very good value.

A lot of people were asking in the chat, can I get the handout? We will eventually share the slide deck through Slide Share normally a couple of weeks after, but it won’t have the answer sheets; so it’s just something to keep in mind. We try and give you the links and stuff like that.

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