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More CEUs from CCO! –If you are really needing lots of CEUs, these are all the courses that we showed you on the first slide but showing their CEU value. So if you’re already certified and you take our Medical Terminology course, you can earn up to 40 CEUs, that’s the max that AAPC will allow.

The CPC Blitz is 17 CEUs. We’ve got On-Demand CEU Classes that range from 1-4. We’ve got a Mini Course worth 8; the Full Course is worth 40. The new ICD-10 Blitz is going to be worth 16.

We’ve got our Facility Based Coding Course is worth 40, that’s the one with Tammy. The Physician Practice Manager Course right now is 6.5, that’s with Jo-Anne. Physician Based Medical Billing Course is worth 18.5, and our Medical Auditing is worth 12.5.

Needing Lots of CEUs – Get the Medical Terminology Course – Video

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What the AAPC is doing is awarding it to us based on the hours of lecture time. There’s still homework and other things that you have to do along with the courses, but it just gives you an idea of extra CEUs you can earn if you’re going after a secondary coding credential, so that’s nice.

We do get asked a lot: “I’m not certified, do I need to worry about the CEU things?” No, you don’t. CEUs, you only have to worry about once you’re certified. You can’t save them up, even if you attended this webinar tonight and you took your exam tomorrow, they do not let you count the CEU from tonight. It used to, but no longer; only anything that you get after your certification date.

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