Medical Terminology Online | ICD 10 PCS Online Course – Video

Boyd: So we got another new course Alicia.

Alicia: That’s right! I’m just so excited to jump in to it because of course I’m going to teach it. See my name right there?

Boyd: Uh-huh!

Medical Terminology Online | ICD-10-PCS Online Course – Video

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Alicia: Everybody knows that I like ICD, that’s my passion. Laureen is the CPT girl and I like the ICD. We did the ICD-10 Full, ICD-10-CM course. Boyd was there with us when we did that. It was fantastic! With this ICD-10-PCS is the next step. This is for inpatient coding. That’s that volume 3 of your ICD manuals. Again, I’ll be doing those, there’s less chapters, we get through this pretty quickly. But unlike with the ICDs in full doing two chapters a week because I think there was 26, 27 chapters, we’re going to actually…there’s only 10 chapters so we’re going to do it once a week. Again, everything is the same, iTunes you’ll be able to get them, online practice exams, private access to the student forum, and again you get a personal coach. Laureen’s put a discount on this, like always when we launch a new course, you’ll have a discount.

The thing about this one is, it’s not going to start until September. Everything came together so well for the auditing course that we decided let’s go ahead and push the ICD-10-PCS back a little bit because we have a [? 0:23:31] time since congress decided to stall us on October 1st of this year being the launch for ICD-10. If you want more information about that, you can go to our products page, but you can also go to this link here:, or just go to the main page and click on Products. There will always be an announcement there for you.

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