New ICD 10 CM PCS Coding Online Course – Video

Laureen: Those who are CCS wannabes that want to prepare for the inpatient hospital coding credential or want to learn about the procedural coding side using ICD-10, this is the course for you. Alicia Scott is teaching ICD-10-PCS – this is the procedural side coding.

New ICD 10 CM PCS Coding Online Course – Video

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Right now, that’s on sale for $398.50. You do have to purchase the book separately, that’s all explained in the link and this class starts on Tuesday nights starting June 3rd. If you can’t attend live there will be recordings of all of our courses, as always, within a week or so after that particular class. We like the live attendees but if you miss a class for whatever reason you’ll have access to the recording, and then those who enroll after when the price goes up they’ll still have access to those recordings.

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