ICD 10 Certification – ICD 10 CM Proficiency Exam – Video

Alicia: Q: For those that are already certified, isn’t there I10 proficiency exam that needs to taken before 2015?

A: Yes, and I have already taken it, and it is not as bad as everybody was thinking. It’s 75 questions and you get like two hours or something. I can’t remember how long you get. I got it done ahead of time and don’t think it’s because I’m particularly smart. It is true I do love diagnosis coding; in fact, it was one of the highest scores I’ve ever gotten on an exam for coding, but it’s not bad. It’s just paying attention to the detail. You look them up just like you do ICD-9, just pay attention to the laterality and know that it’s much more specific, you won’t have any problems. Now, just so you know they are offering new way for the AAPC, there are people who are scared of that proficiency exam so they want to know if they can get, take a special class and do it a little bit differently. And to me, it sounds like not a very good deal, but you have to pay for the class, and it has to be through the AAPC.

ICD 10 Certification – Video

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Instead of a 75-question exam, you have a 150-question exam and then you can take a long time to actually get it done. It’s not timed. But, I would just as soon, just take the75-question exam. You can take it again if you don’t pass it, and you can take it again if you don’t pass it. Its open book, you got your computer in front of you, anything you want. You can have a medical dictionary; you can have whatever you need. Do it, get it over with, it’s not hard; it really isn’t hard, guys.

Q: What is the best way to prepare for ICD-10; can you get a coding manual for ICD-10 yet?

A: Yes, you can. I think it’s $84, you get a draft of the AAPC. Nobody has one as cheap as the AAPC offers.

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