ICD 10 Mini Course – Demands for Medical Billing – Video

Alicia: Q #1: Alicia, is the 2013 books still OK for the ICD-10 mini or 2014 books?

A: Well, for ICD-10 it’s not going to matter if it’s the 2013 or 2014, I don’t think. It is still  a draft. I don’t think that they made a lot of changes between 2013 and 2014. You will be able to – I think they’ve already got the 2015 draft up for pre-order at the AAPC. So, I would say if you’re taking the Mini, you could do both of those.

Q #2: How can I post a coding question to the forum? Are there steps to follow or should I sign up to be a member first?

ICD 10 Mini Course – Demands for Medical Billing – Video

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A: You need to be a member first. You just register, is all you’re doing, and that’ll give you access to the forum. The very first part of the forum is the Q&A section, and that’s a great place to ask questions. We have a Water Cooler, that’s kind of off topic stuff, but we also have people, employers looking for employees, and people wanting to look for a job there as well.

Q #3A: Are there demands for medical billing? How much can a beginner expect to make? Are there much coding involved? What is the difference between the course that you offer and the AAPC course? Also, is there a difference between the CPT book bought from you or somewhere else?

A: OK. We don’t first sell CPT books. You can’t get a personal CPT; it’s copyrighted by the AMA. So, I would say, it doesn’t matter where you get your CPT manual, it’s going to be the same one. So, just check for the best prices. The AAPC has excellent prices for their manuals. I don’t think anybody can beat their prices. Elsevier has excellent manuals, both ICD-9 and ICD-10. I like the way they’re color-coded and the extras that they put in there. If you choose to get your manuals through Elsevier, contact us and we have a discount code from our rep that makes them comparable, not the same price as the AAPC – nobody can beat them – but within about $10, I think. So, we can get you that discount code. There are other places; you can get them at Amazon and other book sellers.

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