ICD-10-PCS Procedural Medical Coding Training Course – Video

Ms. Alicia is going to be doing a new course on ICD-10-PCS, so we’re starting to get into the CCS side of things. She’s excited about doing that. That’s going to start in September, so be looking for more information on that. This is the procedural side of ICD-10 and that is not used by physician-based coders, just so you know, it’s for those that want to get in the inpatient coding. We’ve had a lot of people over the years say, “Are you going to do CCS? Are you going to do CCS?” This is our foray getting into it.

CCS – you need to know ICD-10-PCS, you need to know ICD-10-CM for the diagnostic side and you need to know CPT. Basically, our CPT course, our Physician-Based Coding course covers that part. We’ve got ICD-9 covered in the CM course and now we’re going to have the PCS covered. So, those three pieces together will prepare you for CCS, we’re going to kind of package that up once this course is all done. But for those that want to get into this piece, Alicia will be teaching that starting in September. If you want to be part of the live class, then around mid-September you can join and do it at “your own pace” type thing.

ICD-10-PCS Procedural Medical Coding Training Course – Video

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Take a Hands-On Approach to ICD 10 PCS training.
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This advanced level course, led by our Senior Instructor Alicia Scott of codingcertifcation.org is a great resource for medical coders looking to take the next step in their careers. Whether you are looking to learn the procedural coding side of inpatient coding, improve your auditing skills, or even desire to sit for the CCS exam, this detail oriented class will provide he knowledge you need to improve your skillset.

Our hands-on approach has the personal touch to see you reach your goals. We know you are willing to put in the work to get where you want to go and our professional coaches are determined to help you reach your full potential.

Our ICD-10-PCS course is completely up to date with the most recent guidelines and includes:

* Lectures by Senior Instructor Alicia Scott (CPC, CPC-l) with an iTunes podcast subscription so you can re-listen to each lecture at your own disposal.

* Chapter reading and exercises, and online practice exercises to reinforce concepts in real-world scenarios.

* A personally assigned coach to guide you through the process

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