Main Focus on Preparing to Study for the Medical Coding Exam

Laureen: Q#5: For those preparing for the exam for ICD-10, what should be the main focus on preparing to study for the exam? We need to know what direction to go?

A: Guidelines, guidelines, guidelines, and that’s –

Alicia: Only about the guidelines.

ICD 10 Main Focus to Study for the Medical Coding Exam – Video

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Laureen: That’s really the key. If you can read the ICD-10 guidelines and they’re available on the internet. If you just Google “ICD-10 official guidelines” it’s in a PDF and you can basically become very proficient by studying that document. Our ICD-10 mini course and full course go over the guidelines, obviously. The full course goes over into great, great detail. The mini course is pretty much all about the guidelines. It’s not going into more in-depth than that.

Our Blitz is going to be definitely just the guidelines. We’re going to be hitting the highlights that we feel that you’ll be tested on, on the proficiency assessment. Those are the three levels of intensity that we have at CCO; but basically the guidelines is really what you need to become proficient at.

By the way, the AAPC exam is on the CM portion only, not PCS. It’s not the procedural part of ICD-10 it’s just the clinically modified with the diagnostic portion of ICD-10.

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