Medical Billing and Coding Training CCO Part 3-5 – Video

They also get a personal coach as I understand it as well with the course.

Medical Billing and Coding Training CCO  Part 3  Personal Coach – Video

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Laureen: Yeah, that’s really our claim to fame is we really want our students to feel like individuals not a number. We give them individual attention, coaching is in you know our middle name, Certification Coaching Organization. We did this so that it’s kind of like when you go to the gym and you get a coach. I mean you could go learn how to use the equipment yourself. You could do a routine, but sometimes we have good intentions, we don’t keep up with it, or sometimes you just need a little guidance, a little encouragement. That’s what our coaches do. It’s their job to help you cross that finish line, and finish the courses, and get your certification, and it works. They will check on you every seven to ten days. If they haven’t heard from you, either through an email question or by seeing a test come through, they’re going to reach out to you and see if you need any help. They’ll motivate you. They’ll say, “Okay well remember you wanted to be done by this date, so we need to be finishing one module a week, and I haven’t seen anything come through in a week. What I can I do to help you?”

A lot of times that’s all that someone needs, that little nudge. They’re like, “Oh thank you so much.” Just feeling like someone cares about them. You got something going on, and I monitor a lot of the emails going back and forth between the coaches and the students. It’s a personal relationship that you end up having with the coach, which is very important. When you sign up for multiple medical billing and medical coding courses, like with the package like this for everything as much as possible, but you CCO instructors when you use our discussion forums and our email lists. Because that’s all instructors run it, so you get access to all of the talent on our team. You’re welcome to schedule calls with me or Alisha, the educational director if you need extra help from us, so lots of support. Our help desk is wonderful too.

Medical Billing and Coding Training CCO Part4 7 Day Guarantee – Video

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Boyd: One last thing we didn’t tell people about is our seven day unconditional money back guarantee. Can you talk a little bit about what that looks like Laureen?

Laureen: Sure, that gives you plenty of time to log into the system, click on, access the content, poke around and make sure it’s for you. You have seven days to do that. It’s plenty of time to decide. If you find out that it isn’t for you then you can request a refund through our help desk. They’ll be happy to do that for you. UPDATE: CCO no longer offers a refund policy.

Boyd: Yep, so there really is no way of losing by getting started with us for any of our medical coding courses. Because we’ve made it easy for people who are kind of like is this better than another course that you might be looking at. It’s just a great way that, to we’re trying to think of our students first.

Laureen: Yes, absolutely.

Medical Billing and Coding Training CCO Part5 Summary – Video

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Boyd: The modules sound great Laureen. In closing can you just simplify again who this course is for, what the benefit is, and why they want to get started today?

Laureen: Sure, so this bundle of courses is designed for someone that’s newly interested in the field of medical billing and coding, or someone who maybe has some experience but they want to get their credentials. It will package all of the three main core courses that you need to get to the point of a newbie all the way to a certified credentialed professional to that first job. That’s the goal of the package, is to give you all those tools necessary to get you to that point, that end point.

Boyd: With personal help all along the way, which is the differentiator here at CCO.US. I hope you enjoyed that and if you would like to purchase this please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Laureen: Thank you.

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