Here’s a medical billing certification question from one of our CCO’s Monthly Q&A Webinar attendees. Watch as Laureen Jandroep and Alicia Scott answers this question here. And to learn more about our online medical billing courses, certification and training, check out our Physician-Based Medical Billing program OR our Medical Coding and Billing bundled course only here at Certification Coaching Organization!

Q: Medical Billing Certification — How Can I Get Certified?

[PBB] – “I want to get certified in the billing part, I have been doing it for years, can I just get that certification and not the doc or is it better to get both credentials?”

Alicia: I think she means don’t get the CPC, she doesn’t want to work as a coder maybe, but she wants to do just the billing.

Laureen: Yeah. You can get any credential you want, they’re independent of each other; however I do feel that coding is an essential part of billing and there’s just something that happens when you get certified in it that your confidence level goes up, but if you want to start with billing and maybe make it as a consideration for the future to get to coding –

Medical Billing Certification – How Can I Get Certified? Video

Alicia: I would say that it’s a little bit easier to get a billing job in the beginning than it is versus getting a coding job when you’re very new, depending on where you live, that makes a big difference, too, but coding pays more than billing. I would do one right after the other, just pick which one you want to do first. But those are two knowledge bases that I would definitely invest my time in.

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Medical Billing Certification – How Can I Get Certified?