Medical Coder Profile: Marykay Stein, CPC-A — Video

Laureen: Alright, this is where we do a little interview of Marykay. I think Alicia, were you going to do?

Alicia: Yes! Mary, first let’s start off with what products from us you have used so far, from CCO?

Marykay: I have used the Blitz Videos, the practice exam, and I’m a member of the Webinar Replay Club.

Alicia: Excellent! How many webinars do you think you’ve attended live, or do you end up catching them on the Replay? Because some people, I think, they feel like they can’t be there live they’re missing out, to come on with the replay. What are your feelings on that?

Marykay: I like to come to them live but you can’t always be there because you’re so busy and things like that. So, the Replay Club is great because you can just play whenever it’s convenient for you.

Alicia: And you need the transcript too, don’t you?

Medical Coder Profile – Marykay Stein – Video

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Marykay: Yes.

Alicia: Yeah, that always helps. Great! What is it about the Blitz that has helped you the most, do you think?

Marykay: Oh, there are so many things. I can’t say enough good things about the Blitz Videos. I don’t believe I would have passed my exam on the first try if it wasn’t for the Blitz Videos. It was just a great review of everything. Laureen’s lectures are great, or her little hands-on test taking techniques and the bubbling and highlighting. It just made everything come together and gave me the confidence to do a good job on the test, and it was awesome! I would recommend anybody listening that’s going to take their test to get the Blitz Videos because they’re great.

Alicia: I think that they would be good for people that are new, as well as, people that are having coding for awhile. Do you think that – I mean, it’s not just about coding. The Blitz helped you, like you said, give you confidence when you go in and sit down to take the exam. Do you think that would be wise?

Marykay: Oh yeah. I mean, there are so many little notes and things that you can go back and watch them over and over. One of my challenges was like coding burns and the E/M that I could go back and watch it over and over and take notes until I got it down pat. So, it was really helpful.

Alicia: Do you remember burn questions on your exam?

Marykay: Yeah, there was complex –

Alicia: Yeah, it’s those little things that you worry about that stick in your head. We don’t discuss the exams when you walk out and everything, but you can always remember – yup, there was burns. There were complex repairs and things like that.

Marykay: Oh yeah. And the CPC practice exam too was very similar. I mean, the questions were different but it was really good to do the practice exam. And the more CPC practice exam exams you can take, I think the better it is, because you just get in that mode of timing yourself and pacing yourself and stooping over the difficult questions and saving them and going back.

Alicia: Right. That was going to be my next question, how did you feel you did as first time? You’ve got like five hours and forty minutes, how do feel you did with that?

Marykay: I think I did really well with the time management. I got all the questions done. There were some difficult ones that I just – when I read over, I just saved them and went back. I think that helped a lot because I started out with some of the easier questions, like the anatomy and things like that. Once you get in the groove, into the test and you get going and get a little bit of confidence going, then –

Alicia: It flies, doesn’t it? The time just goes by really fast.

Marykay: It does.

Alicia: That’s great. Last question: what’s the next step, what are you doing now?

Marykay: What I would like to do, I want to get my CPC-H next. So, I’m looking forward to – I really want to sign up for the classes for that and do that next.

Alicia: Great, great, that’s fantastic! Well, we’ll see you there. Thank you very much, Marykay for being on the webinar. We appreciate it.

Marykay: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Laureen: Thank you very much, and you might want to share your story if you haven’t already on our discussion board. That’s the /forum. Someone was just asking about that in the chat. We have just built a really good community over that. I’m just so proud of it. It’s nothing to do with us per se other than creating the setting but I do think there’s something about the folks that come on these webinars and interact with us. It just is a really good vibe, I don’t know how else to describe it, but lots of good support out there. And people like you, Marykay, that when they share their experience, people sharing how they’re getting their first job and things like that, it’s very motivating and encouraging, so we do appreciate you guys.

Marykay: Thank you; we appreciate you and all the trainings.

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Medical Coder Profile: Marykay Stein, CPC-A — Video

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