Medical Coding Books – Video

Laureen: Q-19: Is it a good idea to purchase new medical coding books even though I do not have a coding job yet?

Medical Coding Books – Video

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A: You need medical coding books to learn. In general you need books to match the year you are taking the CPC exam. I think Ruth helped me out with that question, thank you! Yeah, if you’re on a super budget you can certainly use an online encoder like Find-A-Code has some free stuff. CPT, you’re never going to find free because they charge a royalty but you can get some ICD stuff for free. But you do need to practice. And when you take the board exam you’re going to be using paper manuals so you really want to practice with paper manuals. Once you get your CPC then you can move on to encoders.

Alicia: If you’re certified, I wouldn’t invest a lot of money unless…Because your employer, again, will probably pay for you to get a set of manuals, so check before you invest the money. If not, everybody needs a set of paper manuals.

Laureen: Right.

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