Medical Coding Certification — Remote Office

There is a lot to be said for working remote from home. That is often the goal of a medical coder today. However if you are not prepared the dream of working from home can become a nightmare in a very short time. Don’t let this happen to your dream. Go in with the right expectations and be prepared.

Often you find ads for medical coding education and one of the top key tags lines is, “Work from home!” I work from home and love it but it wasn’t always that way. One of the first things you learn when looking for a coding job is that you don’t work remote without three to five years of coding experience under your belt or more. Not only are you asked if you have coding experience but they want to know if you have worked remote before. The reason for this is if you don’t know what you are getting into you most likely will face obstacles before you even start.

Coding Certification – Remote Office

Let us say you have the experience and are offered a remote position. These are the things you need. First is a reliable computer system. Most remote jobs will provide a laptop but you will be doing work outside of the job and will need a trustworthy backup if anything goes wrong with your work computer. That leads us to an extremely important second matter. Internet must be very reliable. Not all internet providers are the same. Confirm that your provider is able to give you the speed you need in your area. Don’t just trust what they tell you but check it out at such free sites as Then you need to check with your employer to make sure you have sufficient internet to complete the work you are given. Not only speed is important but find out what your technical support is going to be like. If they only offer a first come first serve on-site technician you may be waiting a long time to get repairs done. Time is money when working remote.

Working from your kitchen table might be adequate if you live alone. This is not a practical option for most. You need sufficient space to have notes and a printer close by. A location in your home where you can walk away and come back later without fear of important papers being lost or clutter building up is essential. It is not easy to shut down your office and move it for supper with the family. When working from a home office you do not want it to be a focal area where the family gathers.

Many times people will say they want to work from home so that they can spend more time with their family. This is a great thing but do not think you can work while your children are at home. Every little distraction is lost time and you are on the clock. It is not possible to work while the children nap or after they have gone to bed. Taking care of your children is a full time job in and of itself. Working late in the night gets old very fast after you have spent a full day taking care of little ones and maintaining a household. Have a home office where your work will be safe and keep regular work hours. Ensuring your internet service capabilities prior to accepting a position will save you headaches in the future. Working remote means additional education so be prepared to attend several webinars with note taking as a way of life. Have a place for additional tools like Coding Certification’s Free Modifier grid at your fingertips. The more tools you have the better you will be at your job. Then sit back and enjoy being prepared.

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Medical Coding Certification — Remote Office

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