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Laureen: So, this slide here was to let you know that we have e-books; we have a couple of them actually.  On the right hand side, I have our website up. I think it’s under “Info” and then e-books; so when you click on that you can see we’ve got a career in medical coding. That one is actually available on Amazon; I think it’s just 5 or 10 bucks, something cheap like that. Then, this one Get Your First Job in Medical Coding, that one is free. And what I like about it is we actually called practices and billing companies and hospitals that were interview – or had ad out to hire coder. We did it in phases and we asked them, “OK.

Medical Coding Ebooks – Video

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What is it about someone who sends you a cover letter and resume, what is it that you like about their cover letter that would make you consider reading their resume? What was it about their resume that would make you consider calling them in for an interview? What was it about the interview that you would consider hiring them even if they didn’t have experience?” It’s a very revealing book, that the answers that you get out of it, so I highly recommend that. So, you can come to the site, Info|-EBooks, just click on that and you can go ahead and download that for free.

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