New Medical Coding Ebooks – Coding Certification – Video

Laureen: I wanted to give you a head’s up that we are having more and more e-books. We’ve got some on Amazon as a Kindle-type book, that’s our Career in Medical Coding book. Then we have our PDF e-book which is free, Get Your First Job, and this is going to segue very nicely into working with Aviacode and using the PractiCode products. And then we’ve got this other free giveaway the “Medical Coding from Home” report.

New Medical Coding Ebooks – Coding Certification – Video

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So, go to CodingCertification.Org and you’re going to see up on the main menu where you can get a lot of these freebies. And I think the Amazon book is only a couple of bucks. And do us a favor, if you have purchased this book, go and give us a five-star rating, it really helps us get boosted in the… when people are searching on terms in Amazon for medical coding.

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