Q #16: Will there be at anytime HCPCS and CPT codes together?

A: Well, yes. I guess so. The only time you really use HCPCS codes is if you are doing Medicare. They’re the other ones that really like the HCPCS codes. CPT codes, well, yes they will because E/M codes are CPT codes. So, right there you’re going to have CPT and HCPCS codes together. HCPCS codes might be, if they’re giving an injection for Medicare patient in the office, then you would use a HCPCS code.

Medical Coding – HCPCS and CPT codes | Disc Herniation vs Disc Degeneration – Video

Q #17: Please clarify with disc herniation and disc degeneration?

A: OK, well I can do that because that’s like an ICD-9 thing. Herniation of a disc is when it bulges. So, you’ve got your little discs. Think of it as little block squares set up on top of each other with a hole in those squares, and in those squares… So, think of this as your vertebra, and think of this little pearl right here as your spinal cord. So, that’s stacked up. A bunch of those are stacked up on top of each other. Now, around that is this meaty tissue and fluid to make sure that nothing hurts that spinal cord because it doesn’t regenerate itself. So, you’ve got these little guys stacked up on top of each other. If you have a herniation that’s when some of this goo in here pops out, OK? Think of a little balloon of goo sticking out, it’s a hernia. Just like if you have inguinal hernia or a hernia in your intestines.

Now, a disc degeneration is when this little guy right here, he’s falling apart. So, this starts degenerating. It starts breaking down. It’s not solid anymore. It’s getting porous and they can’t do the job and it’s getting weak. So, they’ll stack on top of each other – two completely different things. Herniation you got a bulge right there, and degeneration this is wearing out. Can you have both? Absolutely, but they are two distinct things.

Q #18: What is the difference between Lefort I, II, III from each procedure? Also, is Botox injection part of the procedure? What is CPT code for the Botox injection?

A: I don’t know. Sorry. First of all between Lefort I, II, III, I just don’t even know what that is without looking it up, and I apologize that after I said I was so intelligent and awesome that I don’t know that; but this is a perfect Q&A forum question. So, if you will post this in there I will make sure that it gets answered because now I want to know what Lefort I, II, III, is, and what is the CPT code for a Botox injection? Again, I’m sure it has a specific injection code and we’ll find it for you.

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CPT versus HCPCS Codes – Video

AAPC – Acute intervertebral Disc Herniation

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