Medical Coding Job Guide Coming Soon — VIDEO

Medical Coding Job

“I’m a CPC-A, but have no work experience yet.” And then other people are like “how do we get a job without the experience?” I want to let you know we are working on another e-book. We do have one e-book out there for people that are just thinking about this as a new career and they’re just investigating it, but our second one is going to be a series of articles that are going to be up on the website but we’re going to compile it into a e-book where we went out and we actually interviewed doctors’ offices, outpatient clinics, billing companies, hospitals that were looking for medical coders.

Medical Coding Job Guide Coming Soon- VIDEO

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We asked them: What is it about a cover letter that would make you look further at the resume? What is it about a resume that would make you bring them in for an interview? And, what is it about an interview that you would give them a job, if they were certified but not yet have experience? That answers we were getting were very revealing, so we hope to put a nice helpful guide to help because we know that’s pain point out there, and we want to help ease that pain, but don’t give up. We have so many people that are getting jobs. They are out there, yes it’s harder when you’re brand new in the field but that is like that in any field.

So, don’t give up. It is a good career field. I know there’re some colleges out there or schools that are, they are not preparing people well and they don’t even talk about certification sometimes. Sometimes they actually hide it. I was talking to an instructor the other night and she was forbidden from letting people know about the CPC exam and she quit because she couldn’t tell them the truth. So, beware, buyer beware.

Medical Coding Job Guide- Coming Soon- VIDEO

Medical Coding Job

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