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Laureen: Just to give a quick outline on the products we have, as we’re going along answering questions in the chat, a lot of times we get, “What’s this course? What’s this? What’s the Blitz?” So, we have a Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course which we kind of consider a foundational course. Then we have a Physician Based Coding Course – and that will prepare you for the CPC and the CCSP, so the exams that have to do with working in a doctor’s office or outpatient-type area.  The Review Blitz Video Package is basically a condensed two-day review class that I teach and record, and then Boyd helps to put it in DVD forward and online format. We do that every year in December for the New Year’s coding manual. That’s included in the Physician Based Coding Course and it’s basically all of my lectures. It’s considered an 80-hour coding course, but the Review Blitz is like 13 hours. So, it’s very condensed, just the key points.

Medical Coding Training Courses & Products – Video

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We have CPC Practice Exams. This one is seeing a 150-question one. We actually had one – we still do – that someone else wrote that we were reselling. When we finally wrote our own, thanks to a huge part from Ruth; so give a shout out to Ruth because let me tell you, I have asked and tried to hire so many people to write mock board exams and they give up. They’re like forget it; there’s not enough money in the world. It’s really hard to write good exam questions with good rationale. So, we now have three 50 question what we are calling Mini Mocks. So, those are the CCO Mini Mocks. Similar with the AAPC has 50 questions. And the reason we like them that smaller bite-size chunk because we encourage you to practice, take time to practice exams until you’re getting an 85%. Just doing one 150-question exam is not enough and you’re going to need to sit there for five hours and forty minutes, that’s too long. It’s bad enough to do it on exam day. So, our advice is to do the mini mocks first and then when you start bringing the scores up then top it off with a 150-question practice one before you take the real exam. That’s the formula: a good course, a good review, and then time to practice until you get an 85%.

We also have a Combination deal, the MTA +PBC Course (which is our medical terminology and our physician-based coding course). If you go on to our site, we’ve got links for that and you can get that at a discount.

We also have our new Facility-Based Medical Coding Course which we’re abbreviating FBC, and that support those preparing for the CPC-H exam. A lot of people don’t know that the “H” actually means “outpatient hospital.” A lot of times people see the “H” and they think it means inpatient and outpatient. That’s not true. I was one of them. I fretted so much preparing for that exam, when I went to take it the first time, there was like no ICD Volume 3 questions and all this hard stuff I expected to see because it was for outpatient only. So, keep that in mind. The only inpatient credential currently is the CCS from AHIMA.

We have CEU Webinars. We are really adding lots and lots to our CEU list, so if you need to – well, you do, need to maintain your credential – look at our CEU webinar page. We also took every single lecture from the Physician-Based Medical Coding Course and made it into, like the one in the integumentary system, one on in the digestive system. So now you can listen to them piecemeal instead of enrolling as a student and having to do homework and hand in tasks and things like that, you can actually listen to a lecture, take the CEU test and if you pass it, you’ll get the CEU credit for. And they could be three CEUs, two CEUs, they really add up. So, if you really want a one-stop shopping or you like our style of teaching, then we’ve got lots of CEU options for you.

Then, we’ve got our ICD-10-CM Mini Course and our Full ICD-10 Course is coming too. That is for those preparing for the ICD-10 proficiency, or just really wants to kind of get ahead of the game and learn all about ICD-10 before October 2014.  So, all of these are listed on our CodingCertification.Org Courses & Products page, so we encourage you to go there and check it out!

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Medical Coding Training Courses & Products

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