Passing the Nationals Help In the Medical Coding Forum

Q-21: I would love to chat with some people who have recently passed the nationals.

A: We’ve got just the place for you. Our discussion board – the forum, people who took the exam cannot tell you what’s on it, at least we’re not supposed to, but they can tell you about experience and give you tips. And we have a lot of great people in our discussion boards, we’re so proud of the energy and the friendliness and the non- cattiness on the discussion boards, so please come join us. It’s a very warm group. You can ask the most basic of questions and you don’t have to feel like you’re going to be
made to feel stupid or whatever.

Passing the Nationals Help In the Medical Coding Forum – Video

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Alicia:    And it’s not just us either. I mean, there’re a lot of people.

Laureen:     Yeah, absolutely!

Alicia:  Long time coders, some other medical professionals in there. Another thing to mention, you said not catty, but you know how you go on some forums and then people are just dwelling on not passing, not passing, not passing. But you don’t get that. If someone says, “Oh, I didn’t pass,” then they don’t give this litany of all the negatives. You get bombarded with all this positive helpful things, which I’m real proud of the forum doing that.

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  1. I would love to hear the discussions and quite possibly join in I am sure I can learn something! I always learn something new here, and very true is the comment about everyone being friendly, I have never been subjected to any scrutiny nor cattiness!!!


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