Staying Motivated During Your Online Medical Billing Course

With the advent of online career training programs, one must consider if they are able to stay motivated during such a program. The self-paced nature of online training can be challenging for a person who is a procrastinator :).  One thing to ask yourself about any program that you consider is how much feedback, motivation, and contact will you have with an instructor or coach. If you just sign up, are handed a textbook, and told to “go for it,” it may be difficult to maintain your motivation. On the other hand, some online programs like the CodingCertification.Org medical billing program offers a coach and weekly contact with that coach. This is important for students because they know they will be hearing from their instructor and can ask questions or discuss issues that may be hampering their training/learning. A good instructor or coach will understand how to handle adults that may have learning disabilities or family issues that are impeding their ability to complete their training. So, before signing up for any program ask how much contact you can expect with your instructor or coach.

Staying Motivated During Your Online Medical Billing Course

Once enrolled in a medical billing program you can do these things to enhance your ability to stay motivated:

  • Schedule your study times according to how you learn best. Do you learn best with larger blocks of study time a few days a week, or are you better at shorter times but studying daily?
  • Staying motivated is also tied to how excited you are about your new career field. Consider investing in a few magazines or journals about medical billing. These will arrive monthly and help your motivation about getting started in your new career.
  • Join the AAPC and plan to take your medical billing certification exam through them. Having this plan set in place in your mind will assist you to stay on track with your career goals.
  • Participate in student groups, forums, etc. that your school offers for you. Getting to know people and discussing the career is fun and helps you not feel “alone” while learning at home online.
  • Participate on other forums on Facebook, Google Groups, etc. that are geared toward medical billing. Make friends, and network. This helps you to be informed about the career, and helps you to feel “plugged into” the field as a whole.
  • In your free time, when not studying, it’s not a bad idea to go on You Tube and watch a few short videos on staying motivated, study tips for online students, etc.

Motivation is crucial for success in any online career training program. The great thing about medical billing training is that the training time is relatively short so you always know that in a few short weeks (12-16 weeks’ time) you will be entering your new career. :)

By: Dawn Moreno, PhD, CBCS, CMAA, MTC. Lives in the beautiful Southwest United States and has been an instructor for medical coding/billing for the past 7 years.  Interested in quality medical billing training

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