Tour the Coding Certification Org Members Area – Video

Laureen: I’ll give you guys a little tour. This is how students who purchase anything from us, Replay Club courses. We have this member’s website and you come in and you log in. This is our little test user here, and I have everything in here, but anything that you purchase you’ll get a link and it says, “Access to contents.”

Let me go down to 2014 Blitz, where’d it go? Here it is. Just to give you an idea here are the videos, and this is all the work that Boyd did. If you come in and you want to take a look at, say my modifiers one. You can see you got a little inset picture of me as a talking head and you just click “play” it’s just like a YouTube video, its streaming video if you get the online version. If you want the DVD version you can get that. It’s more money for the DVDs because obviously it’s more to produce and ship them but – let me just get this to go forward a little bit so you can see how it works.

Tour the Coding Certification Org Members Area – Video

YouTube video

Now you see my slides here and you see me talking and my little hand gestures. It’s nice. I think the video came out very good. It felt like you were definitely there. Let me show you another one with more slides. I’m in a book action here. This is a big claim to fame that CCO does is we use document cameras and we show our manuals up on the screen with our notes and our highlighting and this is our bubbling and highlighting technique, and you can see – I’ll just hit “play” and I’ll mute myself again. You hear me talking about it, you see me pointing at things, and scrolling down the page. It gives you a chance to copy my notes into your book and follow the same format. That’s just a little preview.

Boyd:  And that will go large screen, by the way, for those of you who are concerned about, “Oh, can I see this thing or not?”

Laureen:  Oh yeah. OK.

Boyd:  They can download them, too, as well.

Laureen:  Wooh!

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