How To Use the Coding Certification Youtube Channel – Video

Alicia: What is the YouTube channels that they need to go to, to see all of our little videos? Is it MedicalCodingCert?

Laureen:  Yes.

Alicia:  I think so. OK I’ll put that in the chat. We’re getting lots of good information about the webinars – that’s so nice.

Coding Certification Youtube Channel – Video

YouTube video

Laureen:  Yes, if you go to /social and you come down to YouTube you can click right on here and subscribe, and then anytime Boyd uploads a new video you’ll get an email letting you know that that’s been done. Just to kind of show you what the channel looks like – and Alicia taught me a trick the other day, we came in here, we were looking for one of our very own videos and I couldn’t find it. She goes, “click on the magnifying glass right here,” and what were we looking for, HIV wasn’t it or something?

Alicia:  Yeah. I think so, wasn’t it?

Laureen:  We just popped it in and we could see all the videos that we’ve done in the past that have the HIV on the thing, it might not be that accurate but it gets you started and the first one was definitely on HIV.

Alicia:  Because we’ve doing this for a while and there’s lots of little videos.

Laureen:  Yeah. I know. Just a shout out to Boyd all these cute graphics on all of these little video clips that’s all Boyd’s work and I just love it. I think it makes it very fun and interesting instead of just like a text cover so – good job, Boyd.

Boyd:  Welcome, you’re welcome.

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